Saturday, June 19, 2010

handmade card giveaway

blog walking lagi..
singgah satu blog neh..
beliau mmg pakar wat handmade card..
cantik2 taw..
singgah lah blog beliau ye..[ promote kit :) ]
tertarik ngan kreativiti beliau..
sgt kagum..

she's such a creative women..
admire la pulak kat die..
jeles ngan bakat yang die ade..
huhu ~

kak alin ade wat giveaway..
waaa ~
nak masuk..
mane taw sy bertuah kan..
dpt handmade card dr kak alin ni ..

cam biase..
ade rules die..

1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" . If you are already a follower, then you can
straight away follow the next step below
.[ DONE]

2. Leave a comment on this post. You can write a comment or give suggestions regards to my card blog.
PLEASE REMEMBER ----> Be sure to also write your name and your valid/active email
address at your comment.[ DONE ]

YOU MUST WRITE about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you
see above in it as well.
Don't just put the photo of the prize at your blog. You have to at least write
about what the photo is about. Then, link your post to this blog giveaway.
PLEASE add the URL link
of your blog post in your comment area as well so that I can easily go and visit and read your post at your
respective blog.
[ DONE ]

done !!
hope i'm the lucky one

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Amanda Eltiqaz said...

me too! love the quilt one ^^